My name is Theophanes Avery. I’m yet another feckless millennial who has somehow earned the title road scholar instead of staying satisfied with burger flipping jobs. Or at least that’s what I tell my dental hygienist between muffled gurgling. Really I’m an artist, an explorer, an innovator, a homesteader and someone who just loves life to its fullest. I have been told many times by many people that I have a story to tell, so that’s what I am doing here. I am inviting all the wonderful people out there to join me on my travels, to laugh at my corny jokes, to stare at my beautiful nature photography in wonder, and to open your minds to the great possibilities of life. My goal is simple – to spread joy and to inspire with every smile, laugh, and wistful sigh.

My life has been one of great trials and tribulations, accomplishments and losses, and at the end of it all I am still standing, stronger, louder, more determined than ever. I am flexing my wings in so many directions as I work on my writing, my fine art sculpting, my photography, my homesteading skills, and anything else that strikes my fancy. You may also note that I have a strange sense of humor, sometimes crude, often dark, and always random, something I have decided to share with the world through my Twitter, leaving my photographic beauty to be shared through Instagram.

I have a series of pages and accounts to share my unique world and vision and allow any followers or lurkers to have easy access to all my activities. So please enjoy as I list them below.

FaceBook Pages:

Catching Marbles on FaceBook: Coming Soon!

Theophanes Avery Writer: I keep this page updated with all my writing – every blog post, every article, and eventually news of book releases.

Typhani Brooks Artist : A place to show off all my art – fine sculpture, playful mixed media, Sharpie doodles, and whatever else I get myself into!

Through the Looking Glass Farm: The home of my future farm, homestead, and educational facility. For now I use this page to share joyful homesteading activities and news as I work myself there.


Other Blogs:

Deranged Thoughts from a Cluttered Mind – This is the blog where I post funny personal stories, anecdotes, and historical rants.

Tales from the Birdello: This started as my chicken-centric blog which I wrote about the poultry farm I ran for a few years. Now I am “between farms” (aspiring to settle one on my own) I have left it up to write about my other homesteading adventures, thoughts, and progress.

The Boneless Chicken Blog: This blog details a part of my life I normally don’t mention much – what life is like with “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Abdominal Pain.” This is a journey I have been taking since I was twelve and continue to struggle with. Hopefully this will provide comfort or inspiration for others out there.